How to Unzip tar.gz, .tgz, .gz Files on Windows 11

how to open tar.gz file on windows

Where .zip files consist of many individually compressed files, .tar files are compressed as a single package, leaving its files uncompressed. In other words, .zip files are a collection of compressed files, while .tar files are a compressed collection of files. A .tar.gz file, also known as a tarball, is a compressed archive used in UNIX and Linux systems. This format involves multiple files bundled into a single archive and compressed using gzip compression. While every tar.gz file is a .tar archive, not every .gz is a .tar file.

Of course, that’s not to say .tar files are some kind of “lesser” format than .zip. Rather, they both accomplish the same task (file compression) in the same way. In this guide, you will learn the steps to use native tar commands on Windows 11 using Command Prompt and Ubuntu to extract the content of a .tar.gz file. This guide will teach you the steps to use native tar commands on Windows 10 from Command Prompt and Ubuntu to extract the content of a .tar.gz file. In Linux, users have multiple ways to extract .tar.gz files – through the terminal and graphical file archivers. To unzip the .tar.gz files, you’ll need to use specific commands and tools depending on your operating system.

how to open tar.gz file on windows

After completing the above steps your TAR file will be created. With the right tools, you can easily open and extract your .tar.gz files in Windows 11/10. There are a few different approaches you can take when it comes to extracting TGZ, GZ, or TAR.GZ files on Windows 11 and Windows 10. Here, we will cover the most common methods and explain how to accomplish each one. Compressed files are a convenient way to store and share large amounts of data.

tar: Archive is compressed. Use -z option

It’s important to note that Microsoft is building native support for TAR, GZ, 7-Zip, RAR, and many other archival formats to File Explorer. The support is expected to arrive with the release of Windows 11 23H2. Mauro Huculak is a Windows How-To Expert who started Pureinfotech in 2010 as an independent online publication. He has also been a Windows Central contributor for nearly a decade.

While there are many tools to choose from, the most popular include 7-Zip and WinZip. While slightly different, they are quite lightweight and offer a much simpler alternative to using the command line. You can also add the verbose output option (-v) to provide detailed listings, including dates, securities/permissions, and more. Otherwise, keep reading to learn how to unzip .tar.gz files in Linux, macOS, and Windows. Learn more about the excellent 7-Zip file archiver with a high compression ratio from the official website. Before we start, make sure you have downloaded and installed the 7-Zip software.

  1. Of course, that’s not to say .tar files are some kind of “lesser” format than .zip.
  2. After the option, you have to specify the path of the tarball file to extract.
  3. While there are many tools to choose from, the most popular include 7-Zip and WinZip.
  4. It’s often useful to list the contents of a .tar.gz file without having to unzip the entire archive.

The Unzip to…option opens up another window with extra settings. Uncover your website’s performance bottlenecks to deliver a better user experience. Get started with a free trial of our Application Hosting or Database Hosting. Pureinfotech is the best site to get Windows help – featuring friendly how-to guides on Windows 10, Windows 11, Xbox, and other things tech, news, deals, reviews, and more. This is an independent site, and producing content takes a lot of hard work. Although more people are reading Pureinfotech, many use adblocker and AI.

Open TAR Files (.tar.gz) on Windows 10 using 7-Zip

Though both .zip and .tar.gz archive and compress files, they do so in different ways. In other words, .zip is a collection of compressed files, while .tar.gz is a compressed collection of files. Windows 11/10 has native support for tar files that can be extracted using Command Prompt. It also has the Windows Subsystem for Linux which lets you use Linux tools, like tar, to get the contents of tarballs quickly.

Another common cause of errors is case sensitivity, where Linux treats “FILE” and “file” as two separate entities. If you want to keep the original file after compression, there are two options. The first is the -k option, and the other uses the -c option to output the compressed file to a different file, preserving the original.

how to open tar.gz file on windows

Again, the above commands will extract to the current working directory by default. You can use the -C option to extract to a different directory (in this case, /home/user/files). Once you complete the steps, you will have https://www.cryptonews.wiki/ all the files and folders extracted to the destination path you specified after a few moments. 13.If you selected Extract files then you will need to enter the location where you want to extract the files and click OK.

And unlike many other sites, there is no paywall blocking readers here. If everyone finds this website useful and helps to support it, the future would be much more secure. On Windows 10, to use tar on Linux, you need to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and a distro like Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store.

How to Extract TGZ, GZ, or TAR.GZ Files in Windows 11/10

These files are essentially a TAR archive that has been compressed with Gnu Zip software, making it easier to distribute or back up collections of files. Alternatively, select Extract files to pick where to extract the files. Once you complete the steps, the files and folders will extract to the specified destination. We have outlined https://www.bitcoin-mining.biz/ step-by-step instructions for using both native tools and third-party applications to open or convert these files. By following these steps, you should be able to extract your TGZ file with ease. If you encounter any issues, make sure to check that you have installed the correct software and that the file is not corrupted or damaged.

Unlike Windows’ convenient graphical user interface (GUI) for unzipping .zip files, you’ll need to use the tar utility through the command line. However, there are also many third-party tools you can install for a more user-friendly experience. You can create your own compressed .tar files using compression utilities such as gzip. Gzip is one of the most popular and available options, especially since it comes built in to most Linux distributions and macOS. As we’ll see later, different compression utilities may require different methods for extracting and unzipping files. Though we’ll mostly focus on .tar.gz files, check out the end of the article for some quick tips on extracting .tar files in other formats.

7-Zip is a free and open-source tool with high compression ratios & supports a wide range of archive formats. It offers AES-256 encryption to protect sensitive data within archives. Users can utilize the 7-zip command-line interface for automated & scripted extraction tasks. https://www.crypto-trading.info/ When you extract files from a .tar.gz archive, the checksum is automatically verified to detect & handle any potential data corruption. If you encounter errors while extracting .tar.gz files in Windows, make sure that you are using the correct software to extract the file.

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